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My name is Shakir Matova, and I am the CEO of the Greater Solitude project.

I started playing Eve Online in 2008 and have always leaned my interest in the game to Industry from day one. I have always been a corporation CEO with an interest in creating communities in this wonderful universe of Eve Online and more recently I have started an industrial based alliance venture known as Greater Solitude.

Solitude is such a perfect region for industry, and my vision has been for the last year, to create an alliance and community of friends around this region to establish a large industrial organisation that can provide any of our clients needs.

Our alliances, being Greater Solitude Commonwealth and N.E.S.T Corporation are non-dictorial, non-expansionists that aim to keep a neutral standing as much as possible with other militaristic powers, with the goal of providing a fair service to everyone.

We aim to provide a place for new and experienced industrial players, corporations and alliances to come and rest, to negotiate and to trade through the facilities provided by Greater Solitude with an agreement between all parties in this region to lay down their arms, put aside their differences, recoup and get back in action outside of Solitude.


Join a thriving community of hundreds of players with the same industrial interests.

We provide our members, both corporations and solo players, as well as all of our blues with access to our well organised Discord & Discourse Forums community as well as in-game channel communications with like minded individuals.

Organise your fleets, know when our moons are available for mining and negotiate trade deals with your fellow friends in Solitude.

We take the leg work out of creating your own corporation server. Member corporations get their own category where their CEO can create individual private chat and voice channels for use by their corporation and friends.

Fleet Mining Operations

Access to high quality moons, low sec anomalies and highsec mining sites.

Alliance Wide Raw Materials Buyback

We provide your members with an alliance wide raw materials buyback with a rewards program to boot!
All buybacks at Jita Max Buy -10%

research & Manufacturing

Greater Solitude provides all the infrastructure you could possible need to allow you to complete your manufacturing projects from raw material to finished product.

With access to discounted rates on Customs Offices, Reaction Facilities, Reprocessing, Invention, Copying, Research & Manufacturing, you can be sure to increase your bottom line.


Have we said enough to spruce your interest? Select below whether you are are solo player, corporation or alliance seeking to join us officially or receive mutual +5 blue standings for access to our community.

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