[GSC] Structure Ownership Policy – Member Corporations

Greater Solitude Commonwealth is a no structure holding alliance. This means that this alliance can work freely throughout highsec without threat of war targets and enabling our Industrial Backbone to operate at all times, including logistics and supply chains into our otherwise war zones to N.E.S.T Corporation Alliance.

No corporation within Greater Solitude is permitted to erect structures. Any corporation which enables the anchoring of a structure, or enables the transfer of structures into their corporation, thereby enabling war into this alliance will be immediately kicked from the Alliance – no questions asked. You will defend your own war and our industrial wing will not get involved with your error.

If there is any cost involved to the alliance as a result of your actions, your corporation will incur all fees associated with this and be payable to the Alliance.

If you must own a structure for your operations, you need to have these erected by our sister alliance, N.E.S.T Corporation via our structure holding corporation New Eden Science Institute.