Alliance Leadership & Hierarchy

Alliance Structure

Both N.E.S.T Corporation and Greater Solitude Commonwealth alliances are considered sister alliances. This is even closer to the relationship of a coalition setup, because they are run by one and the same leadership. So, with that in mind, the alliance leadership for both alliances consist of the following positions and availability.

All positions are voted in by The Council with The CEO having final say in the matter. Whilst the alliance is setup to be democratic to some extent, it is overseen in a dictatorial manner where needed.


Member: Shakir Matova / Anduin Matova

The CEO is responsible for organizing the alliance and putting the right people into the correct
positions based on ability and experience. The CEO can remove an entity from the alliance, as well as add entities to the alliance, preferably with agreement from The Council.

Can request or deny a war.

Ultimately responsible for the profitability of being in the alliance as well as the prosperity of the
alliance and maintaining relationships with other entities for the longevity of the alliance.

The Council

DEV Blood/Alliard
Sonic Black/Skafan

The Council is formed of trusted members of the alliance to help the CEO run the alliance and corporations beneath. A member corporation CEO or Director is not automatically placed on The Council and in fact they do not have any direct voting power in the the running of our alliances.

Council members are placed by choice directly by The CEO and work together as a democratic department in making decisions for the alliance. Decisions are passed up to The CEO for finalizing should it be an important one, but mostly decisions can be made and executed by The Council without further action from The CEO required.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is formed by all corporation CEO’s which are a member of our alliance and have at least 10+ active members. They can pick one director to act on their behalf at times that they are not available.

The Board of Directors assists in making alliance decisions via The Council but have no voting powers and no direct power over the alliance. While the Board of Directors opinions are considered, everything goes through The Council for decision making.

Military Commander

  • Vacant

Responsible for overseeing Alliance Doctrines and their cost effectiveness in Alliance Fleets. Works with the Director of Finance to ensure SRP funds are suitable to fleet compositions and will oversee the overall state of defense and offensive capabilities.

Also responsible for designating Fleet Commanders (FC’s) for various fleet types and compositions (such as skirmish, roams, home defense, etc).

The Military Commander will also oversee war stockpiles and supplies as well as establishing a training program and training new FC’s through this program.

The Military Commander is not responsible for calling wars or the end of wars. They can request such by going up the chain to the Council who will also work with our Diplomats to ensure this is a viable option.

Director of Industry

  • Vacant

Responsible for overseeing the overall industrial focus of our alliance. Ensuring corporations are working together to achieve our common industrial goals in all industrial focused operations, such as Mining Fleets, Manufacturing and Marketing to generate alliance profits.

Responsible for organizing the moon program. Can submit a request for a moon to be acquired or relinquished.

The Director of Industry is also responsible for managing the Alliance Buyback program and the SRP credit system that works with it.

Head Diplomat

  • WhiteMoon2

The head diplomat is responsible for putting together a small team of Diplomats to cover as many timezones are possible who will speak on behalf of the Alliance when it comes to Diplomacy.

The Diplomats will work at establishing relations with neighbourhood corporations within the Solitude region to build on our mission of a ‘Greater Solitude’.

Diplomats are the first point of contact for Alliances and Corporations who want to get in touch with us and work hard to keep peace as much as possible to benefit our operations. They will deal and negotiate terms and work with our Military Commander when war is inevitable.

They will also work closely with The Council to communicate their conversations back up to leadership and discuss our route of action.