ROID Industries

ROID Industries was created more than 5 years ago today with a vision of becoming a large supplier of raw materials.

We started the corporation with the objective of being Raw Material Acquisition Experts and we sure have become experts over the years of our growth.

We’ve come to a place now in our growth that our recruitment drive doesn’t have to be pushed as much due to our active number of members and our maturity as an established corporation.

We provide a friendly community for our members with a relaxed atmosphere, but also with a serious mega-corporation business feeling to it. Our players all get along and generally spend their time mining in highsec with our more experienced pilots focused on lowsec material acquisition, such as moon mining, lowsec ores and gas harvesting.

We do not generally run a lot of ‘official’ corporation fleet operations. The alliance has set schedules for our moon programs and those are the times you will see larger groups gather towards those areas due to the isk making potential of such mining activities. But our membership generally join alliance standing fleet and communicate within to group up when online and get in the rock munching action together and in voice-comms with music playing in the background.

Our alliance purchases all raw materials directly for our members, and our corp includes extra rewards for members which achieve certain targets in the alliance buyback program. As a corporation we include special reward titles as well as decorations to include in their player biographies to show off their accomplishments.

ROID Industries was also one of the founding corporations in the Greater Solitude project with the CEO also being CEO of the alliances as a whole. But that doesn’t mean we are the best corporation in the alliance either – as we believe each corporation offers different atmospheres and different cliche’s for its members. We highly recommend that you explore all your options and see which corporation suits your play-style, culture and so forth.

As the CEO of ROID Industries, I strive to ensure all our players remain active in the community as a whole. It’s not good enough for me to have members that join and then go inactive. Therefore, we purge our membership of players who are inactive for more than 30 days at a time. While we are relaxed as mentioned above, we are a serious work-horse for the alliance as a whole and endeavor to be able to meet alliance and client demands.

Our Director is Azure, a wonderful man who works closely with our membership to ensure we all get along, work well as a team and keeps the corporation morale up while the CEO is busy with Alliance level matters and diplomacy.

Are you ready?

If you are ready to join us, click on the link below and make sure to pick our corporation in the application process!

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