Solo Players

Join one of our many Corporations

As a solo player you have access to a whole range of corporations in our alliances to suit your style. That will be your hardest decision, and you can speak to various recruiters by visiting our in-game channel GSC Recruiment.

Your other decision as a solo player, will be whether to join a corporation in our newbro starter alliance Greater Solitude Commonwealth or to join one of our more experience player corporations in N.E.S.T Corporation. The below tables will help you decide which of the two alliance might suit you most.


War Eligibility
PvP Compulsory
Cloning Facilities
Low Sec Customs Office Tax
High Sec Customs Office Tax
Reaction Tax
Manufacturing Tax
Research Tax
Invention Tax
Reprocessing Tax

Greater Solitude Commonwealth

War Eligibility : No
PvP Compulsory : No
Cloning Facilities : 750,000 ISK
Low Sec Customs Office Tax : 5%
High Sec Customs Office Tax : 3%
Reaction Tax : 30%
Manufacturing Tax : 30%
Research Tax : 30%
Invention Tax : 4%
Reprocessing Tax : 20%

N.E.S.T Corporation

War Eligibility : Yes
PvP Compulsory : Yes
Cloning Facilities : 500,000 ISK
Low Sec Customs Office Tax : 2%
High Sec Customs Office Tax : 1%
Reaction Tax : 15%
Manufacturing Tax : 15%
Research Tax : 15%
Invention Tax : 2%
Reprocessing Tax : 10%

Are you ready?

Once you are ready to join one of our corporations, simply click on the button below for directions on how to join:

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