Greater Solitude Commonwealth

Sister Alliance to N.E.S.T Corporation

Greater Solitude Commonwealth is an alliance that was formed on the 22nd of July 2020, with the help of Sedition, another alliance who use to reside in the local area of Solitude.

The founding corporations all formed a Board of Directors in the executor corporation and run the alliance in a democratic nature.

Our purpose as an alliance was to finally bring order to Solitude and to create content for all types of players involved. This is still our current purpose and mission as an alliance, and we are achieving our goals step by step.

Greater Solitude Commonwealth is an industrial focused alliance which introduces all types of players to industry and brings together community in Solitude.

Are you interested in joining as a player, corporation or have an interest in becoming blue with our Alliance and joining us on our mission for Solitude?

Come join our family. Become a member of the Commonwealth.