Alliance Diplomacy

Greater Solitude is looking to develop more relationships with alliances. We have infrastructure and resources which are beneficial to alliances living near us and are particularly interested in establishing relationships with militaristic alliances which need a constant supply of ships and modules.
Greater Solitude is in a position to meet your every need with our player base focused highly on industrial endeavors.


Minimum Active Players
War Eligibility
PvP Compulsory
Structure Anchoring
Corporation Offices
Cloning Facilities
Low Sec Customs Office Tax
High Sec Customs Office Tax
Reaction Tax
Manufacturing Tax
Research Tax
Invention Tax
Reprocessing Tax
Moon-Goo Reprocessing Tax

+5 Blues

Minimum Active Players : None
Autonomy : Yes
War Eligibility : Optional
PvP Compulsory : No
Structure Anchoring : Optional
Corporation Offices : 5,000,000 ISK
Cloning Facilities : 900,000 ISK
Low Sec Customs Office Tax : 5%
High Sec Customs Office Tax : 3%
Reaction Tax : 50%
Manufacturing Tax : 50%
Research Tax : 50%
Invention Tax : 50%
Reprocessing Tax : 5%
Moon-Goo Reprocessing Tax: 30%

Are you ready?

If you are considering becoming blue with us, all you need to do is have a chat to one of our diplomats. Go to the in-game channel ‘GSC Diplo‘ or evemail ‘Shakir Matova’. If you prefer a quicker response, it is recommended to join our Discord from and send a DM to ‘Shakir Matova’.

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