Combat & Security

While Greater Solitude Commonwealth is an industrial focused alliance, we do have room for players interested in PvP.

In fact, because we have established relations with a lot of the locals in Solitude (blues) we have the opportunity to join our friends in fleets. This also means we have friends at our hands for security should too many problems occur (the bat phones).

Some of the corporations within Greater Solitude Corporation or our sister alliance N.E.S.T Corporation have combat divisions or corporations with specific interest in PvP. These corporations are open to newer players or those with an interest in learning to PvP and getting their feet wet.

We are a great doorway into the more PvP focused alliances and corporations who require you to have more skill and better killboards before joining. So don’t turn a blind eye just because we are industrial focused. What better opportunity to learn in a more relaxed atmosphere with the ability to make some great income mining and doing industry for Solitude.