[NEST] Structure Ownership Policy – Member Corporations

N.E.S.T Corporation is our main alliance and is also our structure holding alliance.

Member corporations are not permitted to anchor structures within the Solitude region using their own corporation name. All structures within Solitude are to be anchored under our structure holding corporation, being New Eden Science Institute.

Why is that and how is it done?

This is in an effort to ensure taxes on structures are universal and accounted for, going to the Alliance. You will still have control over your structure by having manager access to its access lists (ACL’s) which will let you control docking rights and all other services on your structure.

We will setup a contract agreement with you on your structure, meaning that should you decide to want to take the structure down, or leave the alliance, we will work with you to either buyout the structure from you, or unanchor it for you at a suitable time and return it to you.

You will need to select the structure anchoring location and you will need to provide the alliance with the structure, its core and its fittings initially. You will also be responsible for fuelling the structure.

The only settings the alliance takes over, is the setting of taxes and fees, being office fees, cloning fees, manufacturing, research, invention, copying, reactions and reprocessing fees.