Joining Us

To join one of our Corporations, there are a few steps which you must make before putting in your application form.

1. Go to and you will be presented with a login screen. Click on ‘LOG IN with Eve Online‘ to create yourself an account on our systems. This will use the Eve SSO login system.

SSO Login Screen
SSO Login Screen, after clicking LOG ON with Eve Online

2. Choose the character in your account you would like to use as your ‘MAIN‘ character in our coalition.

Choose your MAIN character.

3. You will then be faces with a dashboard. If you have more characters, you will need to add them all by clicking ‘Add Character‘. To repeat the process until all your accounts and characters are registered.

Click on Add Character if you have more than 1 character and/or multiple accounts.

4. Once done, click on ‘Applications‘ on the left side and then click on ‘Create Application‘.

Click on Create Application

5. Choose and click on the Corporation that you wish to apply for. This list will be dependent on whether or not said Corporation has vacancies and an application form available to you.

Pick from one of the available corporations. You should have spoken to one of their recruiters already in GSC Recruitment channel in-game.

6. The next step is simple, fill in all of the questions honestly and as informative as possible, so that we can get an idea of who you are and what you can provide the Corporation you have applied for. When you are done with this, simply click on ‘Submit’.

7. You can apply to more Corporations if they are available, but of course only one Corporation will be able to recruit you; unless you are bringing alts into other Corporations such as a PvPers in our combat division and a miner in our industrial division.

This list shows your pending applications. You will be notified if you have progressed.

8. Your application will be marked as ‘Pending’ and once a recruiter has seen your application, they will mark it as ‘In Progress’ – at which stage we would like to meet with you on our voice comms over in Discord.

9. Click on the ‘Services‘  menu item and you will get a list of services currently active. 

Auth Menu

10. Join our Discord service by clicking on the checkmark that comes up next to our Discord. You will be asked to allow a bot to invite your account into our current Discord service and be given ‘Guest’ access. Make sure you use the right Discord account.

Discord service menu

11. On our Discord, you will see a bunch of channels on the left side. Just hang out in #applicant-chat, let someone know you have an application outstanding to one of our corporations.

Discord Channels

12. Go to and register your character to our ‘Member Audit’ service. This requires full ESI permissions given.

13. Your account will be fully audited before acceptance.

14. Join our recruitment channel in Eve called ‘GSC Recruitment’ so that our recruiters and any other members of the alliance within can get to know you. Your application will have comments made against it behind the scenes, and your suitability determined from there.

We wish you all the best of luck, and hope to see you with us soon!