[NEST/GSC] Industry/Exploration SRP Policy

Greater Solitude Commonwealth & NEST Corporation both have a new Ship Replacement Program (SRP) for industrial and exploration based ships used to generate income for the alliance.

Credit System

This SRP is different in that players do not automatically get approved for SRP. It is based on a credit system which is earned by the player by using our Alliance Buyback 6 programs. These programs can be found here: https://auth.greatersolitude.com/buybacks/ 6. You can read more about how to use the Alliance Buyback program here: [NEST/GSC] Alliance Buyback Program.

The alliance makes 10% tax from all buybacks. With this, we can fund SRP’s and with the industry/exploration SRP in particular, we keep a database record of all transactions by players. Over time, that 10% tax is put as ‘credits’ towards your account.

If you lose an industrial ship, whether it be a Venture, Mining Barge, Exhumer, Porpoise, Orca or even an Astero for your exploration, you can make a claim on the Alliance SRP program over at https://auth.greatersolitude.com/ship-replacement/ and clicking on the SRP program for Alliance Industry/Exploration SRP (Credit System).

When you make a claim, your credit in our system will be checked and you will be paid out the value of your ship (minus insurance, as you should be insuring your ship to max at all times). If you do not have enough credit in the system yet, we will SRP up to the amount of credit you do have to assist with your ship replacement. If you have no credit, we cannot offer you an SRP on your ship at this time.

We believe this system will be very beneficial and it works like an insurance business. Some players lose more ships than others due to misfortune, while some are very good at not being killed. SRP funds should always build and be available to our PvP players as well in future.