Mining & Logistics

With Greater Solitude Commonwealth being focused on industry, mining & logistics is our bread and butter.

We have corporations in our alliance that focus purely on raw material acquisitions, such as ROID Industries. Where you can mine your heart away in highsec or lowsec at your hearts content knowing that all your highsec ores, lowsec ores, moon goo, gasses & ice will be purchased back from you.

The doors are open not only to individual pilots, but to corporations and alliances who wish to be on friendly terms with Greater Solitude Commonwealth.

By aligning with us, you will gain access to exceptional quality moons, reaction refineries, azbels and fortizars for any of your requirements.

We have standing fleets with Orca boosting available for any mining activity and are also open to your alts should you have the ability to multi-box.

If you are a solo corporation, the doors are still open should you hold the same values as ours.

Our raw material corporations also focus on supplying corporations within the alliance and our blues with raw materials, such as ores and moon goo, to assist in your manufacturing requirements.